Unifi Guest Portal

Hey guys! I recently have done a deployment with 5 Nanos & 3 HDs in a big machine shop. The computers, CNC equipment, & thin clients have been connecting just fine to the WiFi (which we have 5 of, a 2.4 for the CNCs, a Both for Internal, a separate Both for IOT devices, and then an Employee & Guest networks, which are both both. However, the client wants the Employee & Guest networks to kick people off after 8 hours. So, I used the Guest Portal for this, but then I am getting complaints that they have to reconnect daily, and several times Ive had to restart the Unifi Controller for the guest portal to actually authenticate. Their controller is installed on their PDC. I am assuming that is the issue, but I want to know what the better fix is? Cloud Key Gen 2? Or Hostify? They are a Government manufacturer & require CMMC & NIST compliance so I lean towards the Cloud Key. But as I am still a novice in the UniFi space (only ~100-150 deployed APs), I wanted your guys opinion.

Thanks in advance!

I have never used the UniFi captive portals because we use pfsense instead. If no one else here has any ideas you might want to also post in https://community.ui.com/ as well.