Unifi Guest network on VLAN

I see several forum posts about Guest Wi-Fi network got giving out DHCP addresses, but I’m not sure if this is related.

I have a Unifi AP that I am trying to get to broadcast a wifi that I have setup as guest. I have the “IT_Dev” network setup on VLAN 70, the port it’s plugged into on our switch (not a Unifi) is setup as a trunk port. This switch is connected via fiber over to our core switch, which has one port setup with VLAN 70 going to the Pfsense router we use for our guest network. When I try to connect to IT_Dev it fails to get an IP.

I have another cheap AP that isn’t (VLAN aware) plugged into another port in the same switch that the Unifi AP is plugged into. That port is tagged with VLAN 70 and I’m able to get on that guest network just fine.

Anyone have any ideas why I can’t get on the IT_Dev guest network?

I’m running Unifi Network Ap v 7.0.25, the latest version as of this week.