Unifi gen2 switch adpotion problems

Hi, @LTS_Tom, I have a quick question, How do you handle the tenancy of seconded gen Unifi switches to have problems with adoption. I have a gen 2 Unifi switch I purchased two months ago, and it has automatically disconnected itself from whatever device I use to control it twice since I purchased it. The first time it acted up, I unplug the switch’s power, reintroduced the power, waited 6 hours to log into the controller software, and everything was okay. Yesterday the switch decided to disconnect itself from the controller device again, so I tried what I did last time, and it didn’t work. The first time this happened, I ran Unifi’s controller software on a Windows 10 Virtual machine; that lasted about 4 weeks (I got tired of running my computer 24 hours a day). I then purchased a cloud Key 2 plus device to control my switch. If you need more information to help solve this problem, please let me know. I have included a picture and the log file of what I think is wrong.

Sorry, I can’t upload the Unifi log file; I have to leave now for work. I hope I have included enough information for you to get some ideas as to what is wrong.