UniFi Gen 2 Switches

Has anyone had a chance to review the new UniFI Gen2 Switches? https://switch.ui.com/gen2/
I am getting ready to start a build of a new network and wondering if the Gen2 is ready or should I just stick with the Gen1 switches.
Before the Gen2 switches dropped I was planning on using 3 US-48-500w connected by 10GB fiber using SPF+ modules. With the Gen2 switches I think I could utilze 3 of the USW-Pro-24-POE switches since they now have SFP+


If I was in your spot I probably would go for the Gen 2.

I may have a job in the next week adding on to a network with a UniFi Switch 48 POE-750W where I might put 10Gb between 24 port switch at the end of some fiber.

I really don’t like the Gen2 switches from looking at the specs. The only good thing I see is SFP+ on the smaller switches. The trade off is that you loose 24v poe support and 8 poe ports. They probably have a use case, I just haven’t run into it yet.

I agree with Mousekowitz. The specs/price leave a bit to be desired compared to the Gen 1 switches. I also am not confident of decision to go fanless. I’ll stick with the Gen 1’s until I’ve seem some real world testing to prove they won’t fry in a rack.

Did they go fanless? I thought they put the fans inside it, in front of the power supplies, and then just changed how the air is transfered through the switch. So now the air comes in at the front of the switch, and out of the back through the power supplies.

What I don’t understand on the new switches, is the touch screen. To me that is just something added to make it fancy, without making it perform better.