Unifi Gen 2 Switch Beta

Hello fellow LTS Forum members!

I’m looking at picking up the Unifi Switch PRO 48 PoE (USW-Pro-48-POE). I see that in the Unifi Early Access (EA) store there is a USW-Pro-48-POE-BETA model. It is 10% less due to the fact that it is BETA but I’m trying to find out, and that is the reason for the post, as to what is BETA about this unit. Beta software? Beta hardware? Just trying to figure out if I can leverage my EA access and save some money for the same item I could purchase in the “regular” Unifi store.



Beta like the naming sounds can mean buggy and try at your own risk, but does allow you to save 10%.

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Real buzz kill, @LTS_Tom ! :smile: For production I will not want to track down bugs on my new switch, full price it is! Thanks!

The differences in the BETA hardware revision are:
-It has an RJ45 console port (Cisco console style) (the GA version does not have a console port)
-The RPS connector port is not recessed- meaning that if you use the RPS with it, the connector won’t push in as far as the connector indicates (the instructions say to push in until the line on the connector isn’t visible anymore - that won’t apply to this switch)

Early Access hardware has the same warranty and support as GA hardware. If there is a hardware-specific issue in EA, Ubiquiti is generally good about replacing it with a GA unit when an RMA is submitted.

@brwainer Thank you for the clarification!

Is this information located on the product information page? Trying to learn more about the EA items and if there is a section on the item information page that documents this it would be great to know where this is located.


Ubiquiti doesn’t make their hardware revision changes public, beyond confirming if there are specific breaking changes between revisions - and that happens only on their forum, or in the unofficial Discord channel. My knowledge about what is different about that Beta model comes from being active on Discord for a while, where it has been discussed and taken apart.

Thanks for the invite. That’s just a whole new world in that Discord Server!