Unifi G3 Instant automatic adoption


  • I have a UDM pro setup for my home network and then a second udm pro double nat as part of my lab.
  • I have cameras setup as part of my home network.
  • I am configuring the 2nd UDM pro for a friend who wants a G3 Instant camera set up.
  • Software/Firmware
    1- UniFi OS Version : 1.10.4
    2- UniFi OS Version : 1.10.0
    1- Protect 1.19.2
    2- Protect 1.19.2
    1- Network 6.2.26
    2- Network 6.2.26

My intent here is to understand the behaviour not solve the following problem (As I could clearly solve the problem buy just setting up the camera at my friends place in situ:

The problem is that turning on the camera is that the G3 instant seems to randomly choose one of the Unifi Protects and auto adopt to the setup.

1.I cannot workout how to turn this feature off (I dont want somebody to be able to add a G3 camera to my network simply by turning it on)

  • I thought it might be connected to “Bridge devices” however it doesn’t look like it is as the auto adoption occurs when no suitable AP is part of the network.
    2.I cannot work out how this feature is working, anyone have any idea how and why a particular Protect setup would be chosen to allow the adoption?

Any help, reference material or insights would be greatly appreciated.

In case anyone is having the same issue:

I updated unifi protect to 1.20.3 and the behaviour has now stopped and appears to work as expected.