Unifi Flex XG VLANs

Hi there,

is anyone using this switch? Can you tell me if it offers fully flexible VLAN port assignments or if it has the same limitations as the 1Gb Unifi Flex mini switches that only allow you to either trunk ALL VLANs for a port or just one VLAN but not a specific selection of VLANs (10,20 but not the others for example)? I believe they call them custom port profiles which are not supported on the Flex minis so it’s all or one only.
I wonder if this applies to the 10Gb Flex XG as well? The name kinda suggests it’s the same product line hence my suspicion.

I could not find this info online.

Many thanks!

The Flex Mini is the only switch with that limitation. Its also the only switch without a CPU, and the only switch that is under $100. These factors are related.


Ah great thank you! It wasn’t meant as a complaint. I actually have a couple of the minis in use but the XG would be for a different purpose and I could not find the info.