Unifi FC technical question

Dear community,
I recently purchased a couple of Unifi equipment, and failed to find appropriate documentation as to daisy chaining them together with fiber. I have essentially a UDM Pro + switch 24xPoE in the computer room, and then for 1st floor and 2nd floor a pair of switch xg 6poe. There is some distance between the switch in computer room and 1st and 2nd floor, and I could not find any clear documentation as to : can I “fiber” connect the 24xpoe switch <- couple of meters of fiber-> xg-6poe (1/F) <- couple of meters of fiber -> xp-6poe (2/F).
Sorry if this sounds very layman question, I am no expert with fiber but really want it to maximize the throughput.
Thank you!

Fiber is not any faster for this use case so using standard RJ45 Cat6 would be fine.

I do have some videos on the topic https://youtu.be/jnD0OQRV8LM

Thank you so much, very clear video, over many meters though, the signal conversion would not impeded the edge of fiber over copper though.
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Incidentally, does your company provide, at cost, pre-project studies ? Target layout design, even default configuration ini couple with some hours of consultancy over phone, structured cabling estimated cost and so on ?

I can’t comment on the second bit of that question but as long as the cat6 links at 1gb then there will be no difference between the two. Max length is 100m. Fibre does not suffer from RF interference so if you were going through a particularly RF noisy area it might be better but it’s unlikely. If you are going more than 100m then you need fibre.

If you just like the idea of using fibre then that’s a different story.

Yes, we offer consulting https://www.lawrencesystems.com/hire-us/