Unifi Ecosystem Issue

This is my post to the Unifi community, but I would love the unbiased input from this collective group as well. I didn’t fully understand the Unifi Ecosystem, bought Unifi gear, and shouldn’t have bought the UDM SE (I only saw the video where Tom mentions to not buy a UDM and i used the video on how to make it work with pfsense after i purchased it)

TL:DR - I bought Unifi equipment and I think my UDM SE will not fit for my use case as I’m beginning to lean towards a cloud controller. Can i use the UDM SE, UNVR, and cloud ecosystem interchangeably? Can I access the cameras from the Protect App and the local controller?

I wanted to have less cloud and more self-hosting, but as I installed my Doorbell camera and adopted it i began to notice the ecosystem compatibility issues. Let me know if I’m missing something.

After install I was using the local access UDM SE controller and the Protect App to verify the doorbell camera (G4 Pro) was working. After noticing the Protect App and the Local Network controller were fighting over adoption i began to dig. I cannot adopt my UDM SE to the Unifi OS cloud because they are both controllers (I wish they could). I can’t allow my UDM SE to be remote accessed (it will say i don’t have internet and i can’t log into my unifi account). Now, if I try to stay away from the cloud and just use the local controller, I won’t be able to use the protect app which I want because i would like to view the camera(s) as I’m away from the house ( I still need to install three cameras).

I plan on migrating everything to the cloud and shutting down the UDM SE. Future use case is a possible move again and i would like to be able to manage multiple networks as I like the equipment and the ecosystem.

I have a pfsense running on a small form factor computer (Protecli Vault) for the modem, take out the UDM SE. Can I assume I can run the internet into my aggregation switch and or the Enterprise XG-24? Push all devices to the cloud OS using the inform host and not have to reset everything to default for adoption. I have an extra switch (E-8-POE) to run power to my APs.


You can get rid of the UDM and move to a Network Video Recorder - Ubiquiti Store United States for the cameras and then use a remote cloud controller or get a CloudKey to handle the UniFi controller. Then yes, the pfsense would just connect to your switches.

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