Unifi Dream Router under the hood configuration utilities?

Anyone here have documentation or experience with the ubios-udapi-client utility, or any othe rrelated?

I have been trying to do a wireguard site2site configuration on a unifi dream router for a few days and failing hard. This particular unit replaced a USG3 which I had going fine with wireguard connecting to my PFSense firewall remotely. Sharing access to the lans. It’s a nice improvement hardware wise, but the lack of info on getting this going is rough. Infact I kept getting inconsistent behavior on bringing up the wg tunnel and at one point I locked myself out of ipv4 and dropped all ipv4 traffic on it, had to get in the car and drive over to my parents. Luckily I configured ipv6 and was able to get in there and undo the tunnel(it changed the default route to wg0, and then couldn’t connect to the pfsense because the route was pointing to itself to get there…). No apparent rhyme or reason why that happened, it didn’t happen several times before when I up/down’d the tunnel.

Anyway, this is on the new 3.x version of ubi with the wireguard builtin. I feel like it’s very possible I just don’t have the syntax and I am not really in a position to play with their working router without disrupting them.


p.s. My workaround was throwing a er-x on the lan, turning off nat for it, and having that do the tunneling, pointing static routes to the ERx, it works, and its pretty fast surprisingly, but obviously the less complexity the better!