Unifi Devices Disconect and Re-adopt

Hello, guys, I’m having TWO problems that maybe someone finds the solution.

Problem 1:
I have an Unifi Controller and in one site i adopt a Switch 24 Ports but when i use forget dive option and try to re-adopt in another site the switch only reappear in the Site that was previously adopted.

Problem 2:
In one site for some reason, the Switch disappears after i put a Mikrotik that is running a VPS.

No im have fear that if i FAcotry Reset the switch the unit never come back to life to adopt in a Site.

Need more details, is the switch being moved between two different networks or are you using the set inform to connect it to an outside controller?

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Ok the question is how i factory reset the switch and make the Unifi Controller forget 100% that devices.

Once you forget a device, it’s deleted from the database, but if you put new devices on the same network then they will be auto discovered for adoption.

For problem 1. I have observed what you are experiencing. In my case I adopted a device, then didn’t use it for that site so deleted it and then factory reset it. For some odd reason, when I did the set-inform, it showed up in the old site.

The solution is pretty simple. Just adopt it in to the wrong site, and then use the config -> manage -> move this device to
commands in the controller to move the device to the site it belongs in.

When this was happening to me, I kept trying to adopt the device and no matter how many times I factory reset the device and then did the set-inform, it wasn’t showing up for me to adopt it. Then for some reason I went to the old site and saw it there.

For problem 2, they aren’t using the same IP address are they? Sounds basic, but that would do that.

Yes! that is my problem!!!

Ok but what happens when you have that problem but you dont remember the previous Site name the device was…

I started moving devices to my own company before powering them off. It shows a bunch of devices as being disconnected, but at least the alert isn’t showing up in the client site. I also know where to look when powering a device back on.