UniFi - Devices Appear on Wrong Switch in UniFi Controller Map

Hi Folks - I have two UniFi switches (a 24-port that serves as the “core” switch and an 8-port that serves my TV room devices). The 8-port is (passing all VLANs) is uplinked to the 24-port. My TV, Blu-ray, Roku, etc. are on VLAN 100 (those ports are tagged only with VLAN 100) and attached to the 8-port. One devices, a PC, is also connected to the 8-port on VLAN 25 (the port is tagged only with VLAN 25).

However, in the UniFi Controller network map, the TV, Roky, etc. devices appear to be connected to the 24-port switch while the PC is correctly identified as being connected to the 8-port.

Is this just an artifact? Or, do I have something done wrong in my switch configuration?

My router is a pfSense box that has all the VLANs created on pfSense box, the VLANs are also created within the UniFi ecosystem.

One more thing: The TV, Roku, etc. are getting the right DHCP addressess from pfSense (e.g., on the 192.168.100.x/24 network) while the PC is getting the right DHCP address (e.g., on the network, also from the pfSense box).



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Sometimes the UniFi controller can get confused in regards to the map, try restarting it.