Unifi - Device Status After Removal from Controller

I also posted this in the Unifi community.

I am a small MSP and have some devices deployed at a client’s site. Specifically, a NanoHD, a USW-Lite-8 POE, & a USW-24-G2. Client owns the devices, I manage them thru my controller which is based on my own server thru the cloud, not at clients site. At current, my services to this client will be terminate by the end of the month. My question is if I remove these devices from my controller what will happen to their functionality network-wise. I am guessing that for the NanoHD, it will lose it’s wifi definition, and I am not so concerned about that. In the case of the switches, will they retain their ability to exist on the network and pass traffic as expected (Network segment: The USW-24 primarily connects their servers to the rest of network (attaching to another non-managed non-Unifi switch).

As a courtesy, I could just leave what I have in place past EOM, until it is taken over by someone else in the near future, but that does place some liability back on me, that I really don’t want.

I could block these devices at my firewall, which would leave them in a disconnected state, but they would retain the last settings, correct?

And no, I am not willing or obligated to getting the customer their own controller and setup. That will be a task fort the next network admin. My level of being courteous depends on them paying their last invoice, returning some other MSP owned equipment, and how well they treat me thru the EOM. Owner has a kind of Jekyll & Hyde personality.

Best advice is appreciated.

If you drop them from your controller their setting will be cleared, tell them you don’t host for free and tell them they need to buy a Cloudkey or get hosting.

Hi Tom,
Yea, this is one of those organizations that would go ‘duh’ in my explaining that. I started working with them about 4 years ago, backup services only, then last year new file server, transitioning to full managed services Jan this year. In all that almost ZERO documentation on anything, everything is a mess, systems out of date, no security, etc, so in the course I put a lot of effort into straightening things out…you know the the type. So after all that, six months on managed services, owner wakes up a couple weeks ago and now thinks my price is too high (between $135 & $175 per seat overall, depending how you calculate it.). Jekyll & Hyde, and I am ready to walk away.

Anyway I got some feedback from the Unifi community: https://community.ui.com/questions/Device-Status-After-Removal-from-Controller/04616ff5-bc49-47d3-9c1e-c4a75e17f713. I think I will deal with it as stated.

Lastly, just wanted to say thanks to your efforts constantly providing valuable info to other MSPs like myself. Your business model and style, open and transparent is something I try to emulate. Learned a lot from you.

Thanks much

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