Unifi Device DHCP Issues

Last night, I had four unifi devices default to This caused all sorts of issues with connectivity this morning when people came into the office. What’s strange is that none of the devices have had recent firmware updates, and it doesn’t appear to affect the other 26 devices at this site. I’m looking for commonality on them, but I can’t find anything.

BUT – I did update pfSense to 23.01 yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure if these events are related, or not.

Looking at pfSense DHCP logs, they are requesting DHCP, and pfSense is responding.

|Apr 13 10:17:04|dhcpd|84894|DHCPOFFER on to xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (WC-FH-U6LR) via lagg0.4091|
|Apr 13 10:17:04|dhcpd|84894|DHCPDISCOVER from xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (WC-FH-U6LR) via lagg0.4091|

Other devices are working perfectly and I’m getting proper DHCP responses on other vlans.

Attempts to find the corresponding logs on the unifi devices have been unsuccessful thus far.

Any ideas?