Unifi device advise for point to point


I want to link 2 building about 10Meters appart.
Can anyone please advise which is best to use between a

Ubiquiti airMAX M2 NanoStation


NanoBeam M5

The NanoBeam M5 are cheaper but not sure when to choose one over the other

The NanoBeam should be plenty!

@Uber ask for your reply. I was doing some googling last night and I saw UniFi mesh system. Will this better alternative? The total cost of the setup is as almost half the price of p2t.
Do you have any experience with the mesh system

The question is how much speed do you need across the building link and how many devices will be in the second building.

Think of the point to point solution as a wire between the buildings. The equipment you choose will set the speed on that link. In the new building you will simply be presented an rj45 plug to wire that buildings network into.

If you only have one or two devices in that new building then a mesh could be a solutions. However if you have many devices the point to point may be better. The reasoning is that the mesh is just that a mesh. So the old building access point will send a signal to the new buildings access point. Bandwidth will be shared between the mesh and the clients. Devices in the new building will connect to the strongest signal.

If you are on the UniFi platform I would suggest trying another unifi ap. Most of the unifi ap’s support the mesh. If it works then you are done. If it does not work well then you can add the point to point link between buildings and simply tie the unify access point to the ptp link in the new building. This will make the ap believe it’s on a wired connection.


If I do a point to point with nanobeam on a pole, do I have to use a grounding rode with Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector ESD Protection ETH-SP?

The pole is on the side of a house and garage in a ‘corridor’ type of scenario.
It is not on the roof

For the airMAX line…

Or…look at the new Unifi P2P setup for connecting buildings…short range…

I have never used their mesh system.