Unifi deployment

Hello, i’m deploying my first unifi system for a customer.
This is a home network, and not a business setup.
The building has 3 floors.
I’m going to use the ISP router for DHCP for the clients. Static IP’s for the KNX, “smart home” system, door access system, SONOS and Axis camera system.

1 - US-24-250W (Supply for mesh access points and ethernet the rest of the house)
3 - UAP-AC-M (1 for each floor. If there is low signal somewhere i’ll just add another one in that area)
1 - Cloud Key

Any thoughts regarding quality and best configuration practice? I have 5 year warranty on this system, so I don’t want it to break in 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to consider using the Nano-HD as they support 4x4 MIMO

You also may want to use the Gen2 Cloud Key instead of the original. They fixed the database corruption issue that the first gen sometimes had with sudden power loss by adding a backup battery and auto shutdown.

Thank you for the answers. I will look in to the nano access points. The reason for using the mesh equipment is so i can hide them behind the tv bench (since they are not that big, and the sending direction). He does not want anything showing. There is suppost to live 3 people in this house, so there is not going to be a lot off traffic. AppleTV will be wired, so i guess it will be light web surfing that is the main traffic.
Just wondering if the nano ap is just placed by the floor, and not the ceiling like it is supposed to. If the signal is going to work properly.

If you don’t want something that shows much you could look at the inwall APs. Those are designed to cover a smaller area like a room or two, but they are more discrete.

Instead of the Unifi Cloud key gen 2, you could spin up a Unifi controller on vultr.com for $5 month. It would take more than 3 years before you would break even on the cost of the Cloud Key. If you deploy Unifi for any more customers, you come out ahead.