Unifi Controller update: via apt-get, or from the GUI?

Question for those running their own Unifi Controllers. I’ve always (4+ years now) upgraded using apt-get from Debian shell. A year or so ago, I notice the Controller web GUI now offering a new version with a prompt to ‘download’. Is anybody using this? Any advantage/disadvantage? Still have to update the OS, but I’m asking more from view of what’s the most reliable upgrade procedure. Thanks, Shawn

I always manually upgrade the system from the command line by getting the file from the UniFi site.

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wget ?
I just add the repo to sources-list.d/ubiquiti:
deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian stable ubiquiti
and let apt do it.
Thanks. I sort of presumed the ‘GUI download’ offer was intended for cloud-key customers and would offer zero benefit over cli update.

This is what I do. The other option is to add the repo and when you do a manual apt upgrade, you will be prompted to upgrade and if you have a backup,