UniFi Controller update to breaks MAP Page

I saw a notification about new UniFi Controller firmware,, so I upgraded to it yesterday. First, the new design of the initial dashboard page is a disaster, since it puts a huge static ad at the top of the page and I couldn’t find any way to dismiss it. Falling back to the older UI design was an easy fix for that, though. The one issue I haven’t found a fix for yet is the Map page, which is now blank for me. I have three HDNano APs on my LAN and had found the Map page to be a convenient way to get a quick overview of which clients were connected to which AP, etc.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Me and Reily from HostiFi have both decided to skip that update because it is very buggy their next release looks to address many of the issues.


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Thanks for the update, Tom. From now on I’m going to do more due diligence before upgrading, which is always a good idea for any upgrade on any system. You’d think after 30+ years of working on routers and switches I’d know to do that by now… ; )


UniFi controller 6.1.71 is an excellent example of why I run the controller in a VM. “Upgrading” to that version seriously broke things; reverting to the previous VMware snapshot was all that was needed to recover.

And no, it wasn’t worth trying to troubleshoot.

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VMs for the win! Love me some XCP-ng.

I just updated to 6.2.71 from 6.0.45, and I haven’t encountered any issues thus far.

My new “SOP” for updating UniFi controller releases is

  1. Take a VM snapshot.
  2. Download a “settings only” backup of the current controller configuration.
  3. Download (wget) the new version.
  4. sudo dpkg -P unifi
  5. sudo dpkg -i unifi_sysvinit_all.deb
  6. Log in to the “fresh” installation of the new version, load the saved configuration file, and test.