Unifi controller site migration - Old ssh credentials are still valid ?!

I completed a site migration (followed along with Crosstalk Solutions Youtube video) and everything worked fine - the new controller can talk to the devices etc.

However, the devices retained the old SSH username/password credentials that those devices would have “received” from the old site (when those devices were adopted by the old site).

So right now I can’t seem to reach the devices using the new site’s SSH creds (but I can still reach them using the username/password from the “old” site) . Is that a bug and does anyone know of a fix ?

I am running the latest version of the Unifi Controller at the new site (

The devices in question are US-8-60W switches (x 2)

Thanks John

I had an issue like this once. If I remember correct you can reset the ssh credentials in the controller.

Yeah same here, just made new ones in Site Settings | Advanced.