UniFi Controller on a Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client

Hi all, been working on an idea the past few weeks and finally put it out to the world.

Bought a bunch of Dell Wyse 3040 thin client PCs and repurposed them into dedicated Debian 10 server based UniFi controllers

The idea is recycle and repurpose neat little thin clients to use them for home labs and small businesses. The quad core Intel Atom really makes the UI snappy. Let me know what you think

  • Latest version of the UniFi Controller software installed (6.2.26)
  • Only needs power and Ethernet connection to function
  • Runs “headless” without need of monitor or other peripherals
  • Web based management of UniFi networks
  • Lightweight and reliable Debian 10 Linux Server OS
  • Automatically applies critical security updates to the operating system
  • Automatically reboots after updates if necessary
  • Small foot print (L 4.25" x W 4" x H 1")
  • Low power operation, 5 watts or less
  • Quad Core Intel Atom X5 @ 1.920 GHz for responsive performance
  • Gigabit Ethernet Wired Connectivity (GbE)
  • No moving parts inside, fanless heat sink
  • Vented case allows for airflow
  • Solid state storage
  • Kensington security lock


I like the idea!
I was looking at some thin client ideas myself, one of them offers an AMD based solution that I was considering for thin client/IOT projects.
BH Photo - $609 It’s pricey I for a thin client I know.

A company called Clearcube.com offers various thin client and mini-pc designs like this one:
Thin Client CD8866 | ClearCube Technology

Something labeled IGEL ready, https://www.onlogic.com/igl100/

I like it! You could add some remote management solution to it then sell the product as a subscription for recurring revenue :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback, interesting idea. I wanted to keep the price point low on these and repurpose these used thin clients getting them into the hands of home users, home labbers and small businesses that just need something that works.

The 10 I bought have been reimaged an put out to the mass online market place (rhymes with sea spray) for under $100 shipped. Search for "Low Power Linux Based UniFi Controller"

Already heading that way

If this batch does well and there is a true demand for them, I can get my hands on more to meet the need.

Not trying to shill my wares, just want to bring awareness and basically this is one on my targets audiences. Also I need to make a living somehow and werking with what I got at the moment.


Awwww it’s so cute!

I checked the price here in Brazil, and it’s more expensive than a Optiplex 3080 Micro with Core i3 10th gen. :expressionless:

I know this old now but is 2GB RAM enough to run the unifi controller alright?

I run it in a VM with 1 GB on Debian Linux.

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