Unifi Controller - MongoDB 3.6 nearing EOL

When will mongoDB 4.0+ be supported? Any way to get Ubiquiti going on this?

As MongoDB 3.6 is only supported for a few more months:

MongoDB 3.6

Release Date: November 2017

End of Life Date: April 2021

MongoDB 4.0

Release Date: June 2018

End of Life Date:January 2022

MongoDB 4.2

Release Date: August 2019

End of Life Date: TBD

MongoDB 4.4

Release Date: July 2020

End of Life Date: TBD

MongoDB Support Policy | MongoDB

There are only a few more months remaining and even the latest BETA version still “only” supports 3.6 its due to EOL in 2 months.

That’s strange the controller for TPLinks Omada also only supports mongo 3.6 and no higher.

It’s now November, and the Controller is requiring v2.6.

I have tried adding the key & installing it it via apt using Ubiquiti’s, as well as via the “unifi_sysvinit_all.deb”.

I’m trying to install it onto LMDE 4. MongoDB is not in the repos at all. I had to add that in manually. Even then, it installed v5, which UniFi refuses to accept.