Unifi Controller - Migration to New Platform

I currently have a Unifi Controller self-hosted in an on-premises Win 2012 R2 VM, hosting at current about 4 customer sites / devices…all functioning perfectly. I am planning on moving it soon to a Linux based cloud server. I know I have options on where to put it. I would like feedback / opinions on best place to host it. Options I am aware of at the moment:

Would it be better as just a Linux VM (assuming Ubuntu) or a Docker image, or something else.
Also any tips on the migration is also appreciated. Last week I briefly viewed a migration document from Unifi, I think from a link Tom provided on a YT video…I have to go back and find that for more in-depth review.

Feedback appreciated.


There is no official docker support so I don’t recommend that. It will work fine in Azure or Linode but you will have to maintain the system versus Hostifi will maintain it for you. Migration is relatively easy.