UniFi-Controller - Management VLAN


I’m new to this forum and the UniFi-Controller. I used/tried Mikrotik at my home but saw the videos (youtube-channel) with all the UniFi devices and thought that it is a good idea to switch to UniFi.

But… Implementing a Management-VLAN is something that I cannot get to work and I kindly ask for your help/advice.

I’m running the UniFi-Controller 5.4.23 at a ubuntu-server (proxmox-VM). The VM has two network ports. The first one is configured to use a VLAN to have Internet access and the second one is configured as (Linux bridge being vlan-aware).

This is the VLAN I created.

What happened:
#1 I changed the Management VLAN to Mgmt-75 for the first switch to find out if this is going to work… and it doesn’t. The switch disconnected. -> reset

#2 I also changed the port profile to Mgmt-75 and the switch disconnected.

#3 I switched the port with the ethernet connection to another one (proflle = all) and the switch connected again. I checked that the Management VLAN was Mgmt-75 and that the other (first used) port had the profile ‘Mgmt-75’.

#4 I reconnected the ethernet-cable to the first used port at the switch and the switch connected!?
But the IP of the switch is still -> not part of Mgmt-75!
I expected the IP to change to the dhcp-range of VLAN 75 ( etc.).

Something is going wrong but I don’t know the reason…

My best wishes from Germany!


They have documentation here on how to move them for a management VLAN:

I would also recommend using the version of the controller. The 6.0.X series is still a bit buggy.

I guess that my wiring/setup isn’t correct, as I’m pretty sure that there is no VLAN available for the UniFi-Controller -> Checking my VM settings right now…

I do use the V5 Controller as I wasn’t that happy with V6… but that could have been myself, not knowing how to do it the right way…

Thank you very much!