Unifi Controller - how to get device usage statistics

I am not an expert. By far.

I use a Unifi network (USG-Pro4, CouldKey G2+, UniFi switches and APs).
And for the most part things are working well.

I just wish I could get more usage data out of the the Controller.
I don’t have any usable and easy to gather data on the devices connected to the network, such as:

  • who was using the most data yesterday, last week, last month?
  • who is using most of the bandwidth right now?

There are long threads about similar requests on the UI forums. Many users seems to be asking for this, but nothing is answered by UI itself.

Can this be done with our setup?
Can we get data/statistics like this without much coding, programming?

Any suggestions?

This is not something that I have used but others have recommended that can offer some insight into the network. https://github.com/unifi-poller/unifi-poller

Mactelecom Networks did a video on it.