UniFi Controller / Firmware Removes Site Admin Permissions

So, I have recently updated to the latest UniFi Cloudkey Controller and Firmware for the Cloud Key Gen 2. Upon doing so, apparently the ability to assign a particular user / admin to a specific site has been lost.

If I have multiple sites in a controller - I want to allow access to one particular admin to one particular site that feature is not available anymore. It used to be.

There used to be an option (a month or so ago) to assign and admin rights (read only, user, admin super admin) to a specific site. This was done from a drop down in the cloud key admin - previously in the controller admin.

For instance sites: home, work, school, office, field. I want user “ABC” to only have access to administer “work” (and no others) - how do I do that. I used to be able to.

I have submitted multiple requests and chats with Ubiquiti - they suggested that I submit this as a “Feature Request” - this is DAMN FRUSTRATING!!! It was something that I could do last month!!!

Does anyone here have a work around or know what I am talking about??? Thanks!!!