Unifi - Controller: Constant Connection Alerts

Hey everyone.

I am having a issue with a Unifi Swithes/APs on remote site.

I have Self Hosted Controller on Windows machine, running 5.10.24 all the devices up to date

Remote Site Have Unifi USG 3P as firewall, and Server side has Unifi USG Pro.
On My server Side i have ports 8080,8443,3478 open.

Problem is, I am constantly bombarded with Connection Notifications Alerts, that remote site is connected, what am i doing wrong?

tried googling, but cant find answer to my problem.

Are you sure the connection is stable and how many devices are on the controller?

The remote site is 17 devices.

Locally i have over 60.
I am sure connection is stable, plus both sides have static ip addresses.

Have you updated the setting in the controller? Sometimes you will get a “Heartbeat Missed” and other errors if the inbound data stream exceeds the controllers ability to process it. If that does not work try their forums.