Unifi Controller Behind Sonicwall

Hey All,

I’m having an issue that I’m hoping some of you can help with. I have my Unifi controller setup at our main office behind a sonicwall firewall appliance. I opened up the ports to allow management of our Unifi devices at remote sites through our main controller. I am able to reach the Web Management GUI of the controller from the remote sites however the set-inform command does not seem to be working. I have checked to make sure that port 8080 is open and ensured that the set-inform command syntax is correct. I seem to be logging on my sonicwall that I have packets being blocked because they are IPv6 but that doesn’t make sense because I have reviewed all my interfaces and IPv6 is allowed on all of them.

Any ideas?

I’m not familiar with Sonicwall, but if you are using IPv6, and the packets are hitting the firewall as IPv6, wouldn’t you need a second port forward for IPv6 in addition to the one for IPv4?

I was considering that but I don’t have anything set to use ipv6 at our main office or remotely and I don’t see any reason why it would even be attempting to communicate over ipv6.

Sounds like something strange is going on. You need to bottom out what’s going on with v4 vs v6 there but by the sounds of it you also have at least one port missing.

8443 - for https access to the web interface (restrict this to know IP’s once it’s working)
8080 - unifi device inform address
3478 - STUN
8880 - guest portal (if used)
8843 - guest portal management interface (again, only if used)

All of those ports are opened with the same rule that allows me access to the controller GUI.

Did you get anywhere with this?