UniFi Controller and VPN

I’m new to UniFi Network. I just got a U6 for our work from home setup. I installed the controller in my desktop. The U6 is then installed in my pfsense using different port than the controller. I was told that in order to adopt it I need to SSH it directing to the IP address of my controller. I learned the hard way that it is best if I turn off the VPN in my desktop so that adoption will work better as turning the VPN on is just like moving to another site.

Is there a way to make the controller and my U6 see each other with or without VPN in my desktop where the controller is also located? Right now, I have to turn off the VPN in order to see the device in the controller and make the necessary administration.


If the controller needs to be always on, and it installs on a Raspberry Pi, then that would be your cheapest option. Otherwise buy a dirt cheap laptop install proxmox on it and run the controller from a virtual machine.

For simple setups It’s best to have the controller on the same subnet as the devices. If you wan the controller to be on a separate or remote network you need to configure port forwarding https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/218506997-UniFi-Ports-Used and at the minimum you will need ports 8080 & 3478 open to get it exposed.

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Thanks Tom for the insight.

My set up are as follows:

LAN → Desktop and UniFi Controller with IP

OPT1 → U6 LR with IP

No problem communicating between the two networks

Problem starts when VPN is activated on LAN. U6 and controller become blinded. It can’t talk to each other.

You mentioned port forwarding? How can we apply that here? Or there any other solution besides buying a cloud key?

Thanks Again

It turns out activating DDNS solves this problem