Unifi Controller accessable from outside network

So I read up that you can point to a Unifi controller that is outside your network.
I made mine visible, setup DNS name and port forwarded :8080 to it.

If I try to visit “http://unifi.mydomain.com:8080/inform” from outside nothing happens.

I don’t have any Unifi gear yet to point at it. That will be this Friday and my Customer’s business.

Is there any way to test if it is working before I go out?

It’s not an HTTP server. You can telnet from the outside to the port to see if it is open or use something like this https://www.canyouseeme.org/

I think (but not sure) that you also need the STUN port open, I don’t have a note here of what the port is but I have for sure mentioned it in another post on this form. It might also be worth opening 8443 to see if the https traffic gets through so you know that your DNS and port forwarding is working, make sure you have a good password first and consider locking 8443 down to a specific IP / IP list to be on the safe side.

Here are all the ports that need to be open:

According to this, all I need is port 8080. All I want is to the device talk to the controller so that I can set it up and control it remotely.

Does that sound right?

I’m referencing this article from Unifi.

You need STUN port open as well.

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OK, I will add it too.

That worked.


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Good news!

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