Unifi Controller 6.4.54

How stable is Unifi Controller 6.4.54?

I have a controller on 6.2.26 with 12 sites, and want to upgrade … so just curious.

I can’t speak to a multi-site, but at home with 4 devices and little under 100 clients has been rock solid for me. Running it inside of a container managed by docker-compose running on ubuntu 20 as a VM on XenServer.

We have been running it for a few weeks without any issues.

It’s running fine here with 5 switches and 4 AP.

Thanks guys.
Guess I’m going to upgrade today …

@LTS_Tom thanks for all your videos - have been really useful building my network out - especially pfSense and Unifi ones - keep up the good work

Did the update, and it worked flawlessly …
Thanks for assist