Unifi Controller 6.4.54

How stable is Unifi Controller 6.4.54?

I have a controller on 6.2.26 with 12 sites, and want to upgrade … so just curious.

I can’t speak to a multi-site, but at home with 4 devices and little under 100 clients has been rock solid for me. Running it inside of a container managed by docker-compose running on ubuntu 20 as a VM on XenServer.

We have been running it for a few weeks without any issues.

It’s running fine here with 5 switches and 4 AP.

Thanks guys.
Guess I’m going to upgrade today …

@LTS_Tom thanks for all your videos - have been really useful building my network out - especially pfSense and Unifi ones - keep up the good work

Did the update, and it worked flawlessly …
Thanks for assist


Is there a step by step for doing a backup of a remote server and then installing the new controller software? I’ve setup a server on Vultr and new to the remote server stuff. I’ve got 15 sites on my controller and was hoping I didn’t have to go to each site and do a backup? While on the subject of backup. I’m curious if it would be possible to do a scheduled backup of sites remotely. For example, have it backup to a Synology NAS at my home twice a month? This would be on a site by site basis.

Just download the backup file from UniFi. I recommend doing a “Settings Only” backup as I have had issues with the file getting too big if there is a lot of history in the file. That way if it all goes wrong you can reload clean and restore that backup.

Can someone help me with new controller software and using VLANS with pfsense ? Lawrence’s video on Unifi AP with VLANS shows an option that does not exist in the controller software anymore. I can’t set a VLAN tag in the wifi network settings on the controller .