Unifi Controller - 2FA


I’ve had a look on Google for a suggested solution - it beings me to forum links that are no longer valid for Unifi Forums.

What is the best way to add 2FA to my Unifi controller for the actual login?

I cant see any options in the controller interface immediately where I can enable 2 factor auth.


On a single controller that is managed with lical accounts only, I don’t believe they have any 2FA available. For Unifi cloud accounts, here are the instructions for enabling 2FA: https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012986607-How-to-Enable-Two-Factor-Authentication

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Is there a way to implement 2fa on a unifi controller hosted on Digital Ocean platform? Other ideas to secure it?

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I dont believe the controller itself can have 2FA. Your best bet if you are self hosting is set your port forward for the HTTPS page restricted to specific IPs.

If thats not feasible use PFblockerNG to at least whitelist specific countries to the HTTPS page.

You can’t, it doesn’t support MFA

Sorry to dig up an old thread here but for future reference you can do 2FA on the controller itself on HostiFi, DigitalOcean, AWS etc without having to pass through Ubiquiti’s cloud portal we have a guide here: https://support.hostifi.net/en/articles/3385881-how-to-setup-2fa-for-unifi

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