UniFi Cloudkey: New Firmware Removes Multi Site Feature and Other Changes

was looking at a udm pro for home as a fire wall, and video but the recent hack bother me does any one know what they collect data wise (ie: a wire shark tap/dump) , the lack of being able to set it up with out any cloud mngt bothers me as well dont want to spend money if they are just gong to another google or face book selling my data to who ever

I am still able to add the sites in 2.0.26 in my cloud key plus. I have a small icon on the top left corner showing the site initials

People hack and steal data all the time. As Tom said recently in a video “we should count ourselves lucky companies actually tell us now” I too remember data breaches way back when corporates only released the information YEARS after it happened.

If you are worried about privacy and security don’t just pin all your factors of authentication in one place. Mix it up, devices, 2fa, passwords that are over 16 chars long.

Ubiquiti fessed up and people acted swiftly and decisively, then the masses complained there was downtime … you really can’t win as a company like ubiquiti, or anyone who is unlucky enough to get breached. Don’t abandon ship just die to this incident. You’ll very fast end up with no vendor to go to if that’s your only concern.

With how unreliable their cloud is they really should let it be an option to set it up as a local only device with no internet during initial setup.

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There is a workaround for this. I found this video on Youtube Multi-Sites on Cloud Key Version (UniFi OS) - YouTube I tested this and amended the method. I have a Cloudkey GEN2 Plus, that I use for my home. I made a backup and downloaded it to my local machine. I next downloaded and installed the controller to my PC. I imported my Cloudkey backup to the new instance of the controller running on my PC. I next added a test site within the PC controller. I next backed this up. I finely uploaded the backup to restore the Cloudkey and I now have multi site capability on the new firmware. I did not loose any settings and my network never went down.


@dpec I bet this workaround is not officially supported and you will not have support if they find out that you have multiple sites.

@LTS_Tom In response to your video asking for alternatives. Cisco seems to be cooking something…

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I did not realize that the cnMaestro system from Cambium offered a self hosted option.

What data have Ubiquiti taken from the cloud keys?
Do they have access to how many sites are hosted on them?
Also from a troubleshooting exercise i bet a lot of issues have arisen from People buying the cloud keys to host a large network.
Im currently running a controller in the cloud with 2 sites.
Personally not that bothered as i see these devices to be more for the 1 site networks.

Has anyone else opened a ticket with Ubiquiti support? I did this morning as I have a customer that purchased the CloudKeyGen2 with expectations of being able to host multiple sites. I explained to the technician that removing a feature from an existing device is basically robbing the customer of a feature that they already had purchased. It would be fine to remove Multiple Sites in say a newer Gen3 device, but not in existing Gen2 devices that are already purchased. I was told that my ticket was escalated to their Support Management Team. Hopefully I am not wasting my time. We probably need to flood their support queue with this same support request so that they add the multi-site feature back. I also noticed that I am unable to turn 2.4 or 5 GHz radio off on each individual Access Point with the newer firmwares either.

Interesting - the beta for UniFi Network Controller 6.0.45 lists:

  • Add Multi-Site Management toggle. *
  • Not available for UDM-Base and UDM Pro.

Temporary issue?

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Do you believe that multiple sites have been causing problems to Cloudkey, due to the lack of enough resources? Is Cloudkey underpowered to handle multiple sites?

It’s great to know the workaround. It’s disappointing that we have to do this. I am getting less and less happy with Ubiquiti. I am seriously considering dumping the CK2+ and going back to my Unifi-Video NVR.

I just noticed on the official releases (https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Network-Controller-6-0-45/8d3b98e1-b9d4-4ab3-b8da-721dbe9ab842) that Multi-Site Management IS available on the 6.0.45 release that includes the Cloud Key Gen 2.

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Here is my thoughts on this:

I believe UI is trying to aim and push this gear towards more of the home users and in an effort to reduce support issues they are enabling a way to “dumb” it down for the more basic users.

The fact that multi site still worked for those that had it enabled tells me it’s a UI bug.

That’s just my thoughts. I am sure you all really care about my opinion.

The multisite feature is back now.
“UniFi 6.0.45 Update and Cloudkey Gen 2 Multisite”

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