Unifi CloudKey Multi-Site Management failed

Good day.

Today I came across something that is new to me personally. We have a cloud key in our data center. Installation is an Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04. The cloud key has the current version 7.4.156. Today a customer who I created yesterday (in the new design) wrote me that he could see all of our other sites. I checked that and can confirm it. So I deleted it first. After that I created a test user (in the new design) and again this had access to all other sites. He could see all other sites but only edit the site I put him on. I created it as a site administrator. Then I created a test user again and this time as a view-only user. Again access to all sites but this time as View Only. After that I switched to the legacy design and created a new test user again. This time as a site administrator and I did NOT check “Allow read only access to all sites”. And here it comes, this user really only had access to the one site. So I now conclude that I can only create users in legacy design. Is that a bug, or even intentional? Can someone check that?

Thanks very much

The UniFI system is not really designed in a way to properly give users permission to ONLY their own sites. This is why HostiFi build and instance for each customer.

OK. Every customer has his own controller…doable, but expensive. Or continue to assign permissions with the legacy design. Hopefully Ubiquiti will change something about the new design before they shut down the old one.