UniFi-CloudKey and third-party Gateway

Hello Incredible,
I put myself in a new situation moving from Edge4 to NetGate 2100 with the latest version software and TL-SG1016PE plus UniFi-CloudKey.

PFSense Firewall and Vlan’s setup am familiar with, so no issue there.
The challenge begun with the switch and the CloudKey setup with vlan’s (80, 81, 82) the CloudKey Network configuration do not recognize the vlan configurations.

I’ve tried more times to get a vlan configuration in the network/wifi but with no luck only I get is the Main LAN IP range in a wifi configuration.

Any help suggestion in the right direction would be very appreciated.

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You define the VLAN in the cloud key, it does recognize them. I need to make a new video as UniFi has decided to make some changes, specifically no longer using the term “ALL” which is covered in this video:

And then I have this video covering the setup:

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve looked (again) to the video’s great en informative still sometimes confusing. :slight_smile:
I get my setup working, but not how I expected only the LAN and plus one vlan is working in my setup, if I add one more it does not work at all.

I think also reading all the reply’s that a lot people are searching for a solution like I do on the moment getting a real Firewall and keep the existing WiFi / Camera’s / with the Cloud-key in place. I hope my need or setup is something what a lot people out-there are looking for.
Thanks in advanced,
Sincerely, Devopslab

Hello incredibles,

Hier am again with the same issue.
My setup is a little changed:

NetGate 2100 → USW-16-PoE ( yes, new )
-------- WiFi ----------
-------- Protect -------
G3 Instant
G3 Flex

PFSense version: 23.05.1-RELEASE
vlan’s create: check
Interface: assigned: check
DHCP service created: check
Firewall rules created ( all / all): check

UCK-G2-Plus version: 7.5.176

Think the issue were am hitting at is the fact the I don’t at “Networks” an “subnet” .

IP addresses and DHCP must be configured on your third-party gateway.For a full-featured experience, consider using a UniFi OS Console that comes with integrated gateway functionality.

Question: what am doing wrong and how to fixed is.


You only need the VLANs defined in UNiFi and as I mentioned in the video, you need to define the networks and subnets in pfsense. I have a video about that here:

Thank you (again) Incredibles !

I got it!
Last Friday all Wifi and Network configurations are working as designed.

It did take some time to figure it out but with help of the videos on YouTube and reading the documentation, finely I did get the hick off how it works with third party gateway in Unify.

I didn’t had to replace the TP-Link switch but I was a excuse tot buy a better one :slight_smile: but honest I didn’t know it at first.