UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 >> UNVR migration

Hi Everyone!

A friend of mine has decided to migrate from a Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 to a UNVR because he wants to use the UVC-G4-PTZ camera. Anyone reading this already performed such a migration? Any suggestions or tips to be aware of? Planning to make sure the CC Gen2 is fully up to date and will then create a backup of Protect. I will then import that into the UNVR. Is it that simple?

Does the UNVR support the UniFi WAPs and networking management too, like the CC Gen2?

Thanks in advance!

For Protect, it is that simple, assuming that you don’t end up with a Protect version on the CKG2+ that is newer than the UNVR. I don’t think that’s an issue at the moment assuming that the UNVR does an auto-update before prompting you to import the backup. Worst case, set up the UNVR as a new device, upgrade it, then reset and import the backup, but I don’t think that will be necessary.

The UNVR doesn’t run any other applications, it only runs Protect. You’ll have to keep the Unifi Networking controller running on the CKG2+ or move it to a computer/NAS.

Thank you Bruce! I’ll give it a shot.