UniFi Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus - "You have limited permissions"

I just realized my cameras were not loading in the UniFi Protect app on my iPhone (nor my wife’s iPhone). So, I went to my computer and logged into my UniFi Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus and found that Network says “Starting” and Protect says “Stopped”. When trying to start protect, it just doesn’t start and stays in a Stopped state. Also, when I go to the waffle in the upper right, next to the account menu, I get an prohibitory symbol and underneath that, it says “You have limited permissions”. I tried signing into another account. Same issue.

Anyone else see this before?

My solution was to put the Cloud Key into recovery mode, by following these instructions:

I reset the Cloud Key and then restored one of my back-ups to it. Unfortunately, my devices all showed as “managed by other” controller. I have the recovery password, but that didn’t work. Not a super big deal. I’m just going to reset the devices.