UNIFI Cloud Key Gen 1 - Time to upgrade?

Hi! I hope you are all well-

I currently have a Cloud Key Gen 1. The current firmware, and I believe the last released for Gen 1 is 1.1.19. Is it time for an update to a Gen2? Below are a couple of the things I think will benefit from updating to a newer hardware…unless a manual update will solve these minor issues.

  1. For some reason the UNIFI version is not registering under the cloud key maintenance tab. I have clicked in the update now, but nothing happens.
  2. Will I be able to update to Controller version 6.5.53 on a Cloud Key Gen 1? As of now, I am not getting the option to update the controller, so I will need to manually update it.

I am somewhat inexperience with command line, so I will seek help with how to update the cloud key and controller manually. Any direction you can provide will be appreciate it.

Thank you!

My Network
CloudKEy Gen1
Unifi 24 port switch
G4 Doorbell
G3 Intstant Cameras

I would retire the Cloud Key Gen 1 as I think they are now end of life. I don’t think they can run the latest version of the controller software.

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Tom, thanks for taking the time replying to my post.

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You should be able to backup your Gen 1 Cloud-key, and then restore to the gen-2, and everything will migrate over.