Unifi Cloud Gateway Ultra Memory Usage

Hello Everyone!!! I recently got a Unfi Cloud Gateway Ultra and I was curious to see if anyone else has one and what their average memory usage is (and should I be concerned)

My setup is as follows:

Dual WAN
2 VLANs (Work and Home)
Managing 5 Ubiquiti WAPs (3 x SSIDs)
‘Inner Space’ also being used
2 Policy Based rules
Device Identification - On
Traffic Identification - On
Country Restrictions (2)
Ad Blocking - On
DNS Shield - Auto
Filtering Mode - ‘Notify and Block’
Detection Sensitivity - HIGH
Dark Web Blocker - On
Block Known Malicious IPs - On

My Average memory usage is between 1.89GB and 1.93GB (hitting a low of 1.63GB at one point and going as high as 1.98GB) out of the 3.02GB total available

Since this is my first Unifi router, I was wondering if that is normal memory usage. I dont have any slowdowns or performance issues.


Mine is at 1.5GB out of 3GB but I only have one AP connected and very few clients. This is only used for lab testing. I have one WAN, three VLANs, lots of rules, and basically the same configuration.

You will have more memory usage with the additional APs, and probably many more clients. Your memory usage seems normal.

Thanks for the information, jeff3820. There was an update to the software for the console which I applied last night (3.2.17). Now my memory usage is hovering around 1.57GB memory. At one point it was as low as 1.46GB. Perhaps this update tweaks the system a little?

Is the ‘Suspicious Activity’ setting even needed (IDS/IPS) for a home user? Turning it off reduces memory usage significantly.