Unifi Charging monthly to access portal now?

This morning I went to my portal to check on my protect cameras. Unifi would not let me in. I received a message stating that no portals were found and directed me to where I could sign up. $30 per month is the least expensive. Not happening for a personal network and my NVR and all its overpriced Ubiquiti cameras. I knew they would do this sooner or later. Grrrrr

It appears I am not the only one. Here is a thread on the UI forums where others have encountered the issue. https://community.ui.com/questions/All-my-sites-in-my-portal-unifi-ui-com-dashboard-is-gone/c19d08cf-ca18-4e89-a036-6f0864d0ad8f

My access has magically been restored. I bet they are testing.

Yep, they sell you a proprietary system get you hooked on their _aaS then surprise surprise. Host your own your better off. Strictly in house and same for clients.

Works fine for me, all my Unifi “Consoles” show up (Cloud Key Gen 2, UNVR, etc). The loading of your consoles on the page is dynamic, so if something is blocking the javascript that may be your culprit. If the dynamic loader doesn’t find any consoles, then it will show the add to make a cloud one.

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It’s called the “drug dealer business model”. Give it away for free until you are addicted, then start charging you 10x to get your fix.


Yes, add and pay. Mine is still working. On the UI forums, some of the ones who reported the issue earlier, are now working as well.

I’m quite tempted to return the pair of G4 bullets (unopened) and go with something that will work with the Synology. They are crapping in their ecosystem.

Time for an eBay session to sell some unifi kit, hopefully some profit can be made too :slight_smile:

Excellent analogy, the “drug dealer business model.”

Sometimes, you have to wait and a little link will appear, referencing something about “legacy consoles” or similar wording. Once you click on that your consoles will be revealed.

I am an IT service provider like LTS and have this set up but rarely use it. I have a production Unifi controller that manages client systems with web facing ports so the Unifi portal access is not needed. For clients that have in-house controllers and/or security policies that hamper access to the controllers we either get to them via VPN or another method I’m not going to describe.

All that being said, going to the portal just now and launching access to one of the remote controller units I did get sent to a page with a group of tiles (some with mention of account and subscription) with choices I’ve not seen before. After I closed that tab and relaunched the session to the remote box, it came up as usual, no issues. Maybe try that?

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