Unifi AP's SSID limitation

First. Thanks Tom for Great videos, big thumbs up.

Ubuquiti has really great products, however, a question about SSID’s

Do You know are there any reasons why the Unifi AP’s are supporting only 4 SSID’s and how You have been dealing or have You used some kind of workaround for this limitation in large installations.

I believe some of their devices now support 8 SSIDs. Check carefully before purchase. I think it might be 4 on 2.4GHz and another 4 on 5GHz but I’m not sure.
Anyway, it comes down to the limits of the hardware and software. More SSIDs = more overhead = worse performance.

There’s also the overhead inherent to WiFi itself:

You could try getting an AP that supports 8 SSIDs, or getting more APs and having half of them on SSIDs 1-4, for example, and the other half on 5-8. But frankly, I think you’ll find the performance is not very good. Better to stick to less SSIDs if at all possible.

We have a client with over 300 access points and only needs 3 SSID’s so we have not really had that many issues with the 4 limitation. There is also support for 8 SSID’s if you don’t use / turn off wireless uplinks. But we get lots of home users that want more than that and you can create WLAN groups, but we don’t usually need it.

How can you have one controller and some of the APs using one SSID and others using other SSD. I have a 50 unit complex that each unit would like ot have there own SSID. Can I do this with UniFi?

Also the same location has two internet “WAN” routes. One is AT&T the other is a Comcast fiber. I can get fall over to work with the USG-Pro 4 but not load balancing. What would be a good unit to place in front of the USG-Pro 4 for load balancing with fall over?

All Unifi APs support 8 SSIDs when Connectivity Monitor (for wireless uplink aka mesh) is disabled and 4 SSIDs when it is enabled.

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In controller versions 5.x and below, this is done via WLAN groups - create a group for each SSID that should be on its own. Then on the AP settings you assign the radios to the appropriate WLAN group.
In controller version 6.x they changed to “AP groups”. Create all of the SSIDs, then create an AP group for each set of APs that should have a certain SSID.

Doing individual SSIDs for each unit is going to be a lot of work no matter what wireless controller/system you choose.

If you install openWRT or DD-wrt onto a router there isn’t an obvious limit to the SSIDs that can be created, so it’s the firmware.

Always best reading the manual before ponying up the cash, doubt you can easily circumvent that limitation.

The TP-Link EAP 245 has 8 SSiDs on 2.4 and 5 if you want to make a better purchase :wink:

Thanks !

Appreciate the answers, I didn’t knew about that mesh limitation and since I’m not using mesh in this location this was good news.

Cheers, Pete