Unifi APs eventually disconnect and cannot be reconnected/adopted

First, let me say I am not as educated on Unifi as I could be simply because we only need it for simple networks, no Vlans or multiple networks.
This problem has happened 3 times so far and I have another 4 APs that appear to be headed in the same direction. Here is the setup.
I setup 1 wireless network using one 4 or 6 port router (netgear or TPlink, something simple) one older computer running win10 pro, and 1-3 Unifi APs. The computer is only to host the Unifi controller software, the APs are new. There has never been any problems with the initial setup. Everything runs fine. Usually I can access the APs for updates and WiFi password changes for 6 months to a year, maybe 18 months. Slowly, the APs will show up as “Disconnected”. They still work, but I can no longer access them for updates or password changes. I have tried resetting to factory with no success. I end up replacing the APs and starting over. Nothing ever changes on the network other than WiFi password every month or so.

Today, I made a test network to solve this problem. I have a Netgate SG-1100, an unmanaged switch, a just setup old Win10 Pro box (nothing on it at all, just installed the OS and disabled the firewall) and three of the APs. The APs have all been reset to factory.

I installed the Unifi controller software and Java11 on the box, plugged everything in and waited. The controller says no APs are on the network. The 1100 says the APs are connected to the network and it has given them IP addresses. I can see the AP Mac addresses. The LED are white meaning awaiting adoption.

I can’t keep replacing APs. What am I missing?

Thanks! TOM

This is not an issue I have run into, maybe the system running the controller has some issues so either get a cloud key to talk to the AP’s or setup a Linux system to run the controller.

Wow! If you have never seen this, I probably should just give up!
I thought is was a controller problem too. That is why I setup a test network with nothing but a clean installWin10 pro laptop. basic Netgate 1100, and 3 failed APs that have been reset to factory. I just watched your video on setting up a self hosted controller and it shows the controller seeing the APs during install. Does the Windows install do the same?
I may just switch to another brand AP. Something I can administrate directly on the AP, no controller involved.


We never use Windows for the controller software and maybe there is some bug that only occurs when using Windows.

Update: I uninstalled the latest controller version (7.xx) and installed v5.14.13. Every thing works perfectly. All the old APs showed up, I adopted them and all is well in the test network. I would always just upgrade to the latest controller version whenever an update was available. This problem started about 2 years ago so now I am wondering if there are just problems with the later versions for Windows. When I have time, I am going to start working my way up through the versions until I have a problem.

Tom, no one in this area wants a Linux box. They all (mistakenly) think that because it is Windows, they could jump in and fix problems in an emergency. I’ve been in IT since 1985 and have seen two non-Windows systems: One was a county government and one was supported by an employee of the county government.


Could always manage it with a Cloudkey Gen2 Cloud Key Gen2 Plus – Ubiquiti Inc.