Unifi ap steering/roaming

Hey im having some issues with my unifi access points. For some reason unifi is sending some clients to a further away and slower AP. i don’t really know how to troubleshoot this so any advice would be helpful. thanks

You could try turning down the power on the further AP and / or you can try this

Minimum RSSI is a good shout but it seems strange that they are connecting to a weaker signal in the first place.

@awol are the devices moving around or are they static and are you sure that those devices support the “Faster AP”? Are all of the SSID’s available on all APs?

I regularly see devices holding on to an AP until the signal is so bad it’s virtually out but that doesn’t tend to be a problem on the UniFi stuff as it’s cleaver enough to move them around.

1 they are stationary
2 I am reconnecting them via the controller and they still do that
i didnt know about the “faster AP” where do i find that setting that may help

You said they were going to a further away “slower” AP so I assumed that there was a faster AP. Did you just mean that the other is slower because it’s further away?

I wondered if, for example the closer AP was 5ghz only and the further one was 2.4ghz and the clients were 2.4 only (it might be more subtle like AC vs G).

What happens if you pull the further AP offline? Do they work and connect to the closer one (or are you unable