Unifi AP Pro issues - cant adopt and performance issues

I got a Unifi AP Pro a little over 6 months ago and I feel like I am having tons of problems. Speed is dreadfully slow sometimes without any real reason I can think of.

My previous router an ASUS black knight did not have bandwidth issues with the same devices connected.

I recently decided troubleshoot, it appears that the 2.5 band was being overloaded. I removed some devices from Wifi completely. Esp one of my TVs. but still it was showing 85% TX.

I thought to separate the 2.5 and 5 ghz networks so I can decide what devices are on what band. that option wasn’t available in the 5.9 controller software so I decided to downgrade the version I was running in docker.

I was able to set-defult and then set-inform to the new docker address without issue. But realized the option to combine or separate the bands was not there. I let is run for a while on that controller version to see if maybe there was a version issue but performance did not improve.

so again, I ran set-defult. started my original controller docker and it will not adopt. I have set-defult, set-inform, syswrapper.sh restore-default then set-inform again.

I even pressed and held the reset button for 30 seconds multiple times.

I am able to SSH into the device still but It will not adopt to my controller.

I am starting to think I have a defunct device. Are there logs I can pull to see what is happening? Any advice?

I also installed the latest controller on my windows machine, set default and set informed to the IP

This time I am not even seeing the controller. I am going to continue to try and get it to discover and adopt.

You need to do a reset on the AP. In my opinion you are creating too many variables to troubleshoot and making this harder than it has to be. I would start over and reset the AP, configure the actual controller that will be static going forward and troubleshoot from there. Don’t create new controllers and changing IP’s. You can set a DHCP option to pull the IP address of your controller.

Use DHCP option 43

I appreciate your input. Thankfully, its connected and working for now. I am scared to do anything with it from fear of it not working for another few days.