Unifi AP - phone not connecting back to 5g

I recently bought a UAP-AC-LR and it’s mostly working great. I can’t seem to fix one issue though.

My AP is on the middle floor of three. When I connect and I’m on the middle floor I get good speeds and all works well. When I go up or downstairs my phone reverts to the 2.4g radio. That’s fine, I understand that the signal must be struggling through our thick-ass walls and floors. When I go back to the middle level though my phone never goes back to a fast connection.

I’ve read many forum posts, etc that talk about both ‘Band Steering’ and also to disable ‘Auto-Optimize Network’ as this was causing issues for some people. I can’t seem to find any setting that helps with my issue. Has anyone else been able to get this working?

A lot of this has to do with how aggressive the device is at switching back to the 5G and it has been my experience that many are not that aggressive at it.