Unifi AP Management VLAN set

Does anyone have a guide to setting up a Management VLAN for the Unifi APs?

I’m using a pfSense for my router. I’ve setup VLAN 10 for management. I’m able to get DHCP, DNS works, no issues. FW is set to allow all to make sure nothing is blocked for now.

Unifi Controller is hosted outside of the network. Here I’ve tried going into Settings > Networks > Local Networks > Created a network called Management
Management Settings: Corporate, VLAN 10, Gateway IP 192.169.10/24, everything else is default, I’m assuming all the rest are related to USG and does not apply to me.

I then go to provision using the default untagged vlan and everything goes smoothly. I get all my settings from the controller. Then after a few minutes the APs become isolated(blinking blue lights) and shows Disconnected in the Unifi Controller. Wifi also disappears.

I’m using a Brocade switch. Untagged default vlan is 1. VLAN 10 and all the other VLANs (20 for users, 30 for IOT, etc) are tagged on the port where my UAP is connected.


You could try connecting the UniFi device directly to pfsense to see if the switch is what is blocking the traffic.

After troubleshooting, I finally found the answer! For those wondering when creating a Local Network under Settings > Networks > Local Network in the Unifi Controller, you have the choice of going through the quick setup which seems to lock the Purpose to “Corporate.” Instead you want to choose Advance setup and choose Purpose “VLAN Only.” Then you can follow the official guide to adopt and provision on an untagged VLAN and then moving it to tagged after you make the changes.

Unifi Guide: https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/219654087-UniFi-Using-VLANs-with-UniFi-Wireless-Routing-Switching-Hardware