UniFi AP IPv6 Broadcast

I’ve been getting this firewall blocking log non stop:

UNIFI Block all IPv6 (1000000003) [fe80::mac address of U6 LR]:58937 → [ff02::1]:10001 UDP

In pfsense forum it was suggested that pfsense has nothing to do with. Which I incline to believe as I have turned off all IPv6 features and it’s only the Unifi AP has been doing this.

Any tips on turning this off on the underlying source?

What do you mean by “non stop”? Every ten seconds, every ten minutes, every hour?

UDP Port 10001 is used for device discovery. https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/218506997-UniFi-Network-Required-Ports-Reference. You probably want to leave this on. Not sure if it’s possible to turn it off anyways. ff02::1 is a local multicast address wich includes all nodes on the local network segment.

Every 10 seconds. Longest every minute.

Not sure why that is. I see similiar UDP broadcast traffic from my UAP AC-lite in the pfSense logs, maybe once an hour or even less…