Unifi AP Advertising SSID with WEP Encryption

I recently setup a Unifi AP-LR6 (Controller and AP on newest stable firmware). Using my android phone and the Net analyzer app I was checking coverage when I noticed that it was advertising one of the SSIDs with WEP encryption alongside the WPA2/WPA3 I configured.

On both of the WiFi networks I setup I configured them with WPA2/WPA3 encryption so I’m not sure where this WEP encryption is coming from. I know that it is coming from my AP as it has the same channel number, signal strength with a different BSSID.

It is only doing this for the WiFi network that I have hidden on the 5Ghz channel. WEP encryption does not appear for 2.4Ghz so I’m not sure what if any correlation there is.

I have looked over the settings, and as far as I can tell WEP is not enabled anywhere. I’m still new to Unifi, so if anyone has some suggestions on where to look I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance!

What type of encryption are you expecting to see if not web?

I am expecting to see WPA2/WPA3, which I am seeing. The weird thing is that I am also seeing a WEP connection. Despite nothing being configured to use WEP encryption.

That does sound weird. I am no expert on this topic so can’t comment further.