Unifi AP-AC-LR Noise

I was setting up a couple new Unifi AP-AC-LR’s and noticed this batch of 3 are making quite a considerable ticking and almost scratching noise. (Manufactured Date: ~October 2018)

This is quite apparent when under load at even 3 feet away with minor background items (Computer fans, street noise, typing). Having Googled it, it looks like it is split between people saying to RMA them, and the rest to note that this may be due to the pot’s and coils not being glued sufficiently.

Being a big fan of LTS, and the sheer amount of Ubiquiti products used, I was hoping to hear what your guys thoughts were of this?

We have noticed some of them making some noise, but none that did (including the one in my office) have ever had a problem. If the noise is too loud, consider doing an RMA.