Unifi AP-AC-Lite connected to Pfsense dropping to 100 fdx

I have had this AP unit in use for over a year and it always showed running at 1gb when I had it connected into the router provided by the ISP when I switched it over to the SG-3100 it dropped down to 100 fdx MB. To test the port it was plugged into I connected my laptop to it and it showed it was connected at 1 gb.

The set up is pretty simple I have one POE injector the LAN side plugs into the SG and the POE goes across the ceiling to where the Unifi is.

My first step was to pull down the access point and I had another POE inject which has 1gb capacity
and used different cords to test it and plug it into the same SG port and it was showing 1gb, I let it sit for about an hour and still fine. So I replaced the one I was using for testing with the one I had and then put it back together and checked and saw it had dropped to 100 fdx so I replaced the cable from the POE LAN side into the SG port and it went right back to 1gb. I checked it this morning and found it is now back to 100 fdx.

The firmware for the SG along with the access point is the most current.

What could be causing it to drop back down to 100 fdx after it was doing just fine at 1GB I am at a loss. I looked at the different forums and people keep saying it’s a cable issue but I don’t see that since it does work at 1GB.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I would also assume it was the cable as I have not had this issue before. Also, if you have a switch that you could put in between to test that might help as you could see if the SG or the AP drop back down to 100.

Thank you for the reply, to update I unplugged the injector from the SG and then a few minutes later plugged it in and I had PF dashboard up and watched as the port flopped up and down numerous times until it finally settled on 100 MB. I also had the controller dashboard open and it didn’t change to 100mb until after the port finally settled on 100mb and was solid and stopped flopping.
I was thinking about setting up the OPT port and try to plug it in there to see if I get the same results and if I do then I know for sure it’s the cable run. The cable is in the attic it has a ton of insulation so not something I really want to deal with.

Just a update it turned out to be the long cable run, did some testing removing the long run from the the device and it’s been solid. So going to have to run a new cable.

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