Unifi and DFS channels

Hey everybody,

just a small talk about Unifi and handling of DFS. I have some sites which have a dense WIFI enviroment so I like to use the DFS channels. I know the basic concept and Idea behind it but one thing I’m not so sure how unifi handle it.

On two sites I very regullary see a DFS Scan on CH 128 so I decided to take the channel out of the assignment and also in the Auto Setup I excluded 128.

As far as I understood on unifi: If a DFS Scan is discovered it will directly switch the Access points using the corresponding DFS Channel to another Channel. If a AP doesn’t use a DFS channel nothing will happen.

What I do not understand: Why do I even get a Email notification for DFS Scan at 128 detected if this channel is not used and already excluded? Just not good notification handling or is really something happen in the background even the chan is excldued?